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Clinical Chemistry – Principles, Techniques, Correlation 7th Edition

Part I Basic Principles and Practice of Clinical Chemistry
1 Basic Principles and Practices
2 Laboratory Safety and Regulations
3 Method Evaluation
4 Lean Six Sigma Methodology for Quality Improvement in the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory
5 Analytical Techniques
6 Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry
7 Principles of Clinical Chemistry Automation
8 Immunoassays
9 Molecular Theory and Techniques
10 Point-of-Care Testing

Clinical Chemistry – Principles, Techniques, Correlation 7th Edition


 Part II Clinical Correlations and Analytic Procedures
11 Amino Acids and Proteins
12 Nonprotein Nitrogen Compounds
13 Enzymes
14 Carbohydrates
15 Lipids and Lipoproteins
16 Electrolytes
17 Blood Gases, pH, and Buffer Systems
18 Trace and Toxic Elements
19 Porphyrins and Hemoglobin
Part III Assessment of Organ System Functions
20 Hypothalamic and Pituitary Function
21 Adrenal Function
22 Gonadal Function
23 The Thyroid Gland
24 Calcium Homeostasis and Hormonal Regulation
25 Liver Function
26 Cardiac Function
27 Renal Function
28 Pancreatic Function and Gastrointestinal Function
29 Body Fluid Analysis
Part IV Specialty Areas of Clinical Chemistry
30 Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
31 Toxicology
32 Circulating Tumor Markers: Basic Concepts and Clinical Applications
33 Nutritional Assessment
34 Clinical Chemistry and the Geriatric Patient
35 Clinical Chemistry and the Pediatric Patient

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